16. December 2020
Left photo: Jonathon far left holding skateboard in 2012. Right photo: Jonathon far right in 2019.
16. December 2020
Romi far right in 2016.
16. December 2020
Nidar, Fuji and Alannah, with great support from Faridah in Padang, have just finished leading their first series of programmes in Jati and Mapadegat. What a course it has been! 200 youth aged 7 - 17 years old were reached with interactive English, surfing classes and conservation programmes including the very popular “ Environmental Saturdays” that saw both local and ex-pat communities joining forces with the children to address the issue of plastic pollution. Beach cleanups and ways to...
16. September 2020
Our new team in Mentawai is a fabulous mix of men, women and young adults from Mentawai, Padang and Australia, all ready to Draw Their Line and make a positive impact for youth and the marine environment in these extraordinary islands.
02. September 2020
Over a week in mid August, led by ALF staff and Morotai Surfing Association team members in partnership with the Tourism Department and Planning Department of Morotai government, Locally Managed Marine Areas Indonesia, and Conservation International Indonesia we carried out community outreach to socialise surfing as a platform for empowerment, conservation, equity and sustainable development. Visiting sixteen of the now eighteen surf clubs we are establishing across villages in Morotai, we held...
27. August 2020
We have been working with UCLA Hawaiian Archaeology PhD candidate Kalani Heinz, and local village elders - who are intrinsically connected to nature from living in it, with it and by it and have a knowledge that you can't get from university - to develop a specific marine ecology and conservation syllabus for elementary through to senior high school students. When finished next year, we plan to start working with education departments to begin the inclusion of our SENSE syllabus into local...
23. July 2020
On Lizzie's initial visit to Morotai in early 2016, some of the first friends she was to make were with Aden and Choco. Like-minded locals and kindred spirits with a passion for surfing and social work, the three them plus some more locals who had got involved, constantly talked of creating surf clubs across the villages of Morotai where the youth are so keen on surfing and using these clubs as a platform for education, empowerment and conservation. They felt that bringing youth together in...
01. July 2020
Our founder, Lizzie Murray, was invited to be a member of the panel for the Surf Conservation Partnership's Online Event. Due to Corona Virus, the SCP decided to hold their fund-raising event online reaching a virtual audience. Lizzie was invited to speak about A Liquid Future and our educational syllabus assisting youth in remote coastal communities with surfing playing a key role. Highlighted was the inspiring story of Nidar and Fuji, two of ALF's first female students in 2015 at the centre...
09. April 2020
05. March 2020
The governor of Morotai's wife, Mrs Sherly, a keen diver and conservationist, opened the Strategic Marketing and Planning Workshop for Sustainable Surf and Nature Tourism on Morotai presented by the Surf Conservation Partnership. It's aim to create a multi-stakeholder task force comprising government departments, local community leaders, non-profits, Indonesian Surfing community and academia. With maximum attendance and engagement from all stakeholder sectors, it was productive workshop that...

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