With a childhood spent adventure travelling around the world, after completing an Honours degree in Political Science from UCL and working as a sport’s journalist, Lizzie set off to discover the world and what she could do for it as an independent adult.  Communication and helping people became Lizzie’s greatest passions.  She saw that relatable and creative ways to communicate knowledge and information brought impact, especially amongst remote communities.  After a decade of living, working and travelling the world Lizzie found herself in the Mentawai Islands in a small village where the locals asked her to help them gain skills they wanted and needed to play their part in development of their islands.  A Liquid Future was born.  In 2014 she was made a fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Trade and Commerce in the UK for her contribution to education and conservation in Indonesia.  


Lizzie speaks five languages, is a qualified and experienced English teacher, Surfing Instructor and Competitive Swimming Coach.


She's based in Indonesia between Morotai and Mentawai where she's been living with the locals ever since setting up A Liquid Future.  Lizzie loves to surf, hang out with the locals, go on adventures into the jungle and discover the new.   

Alannah sailed to Indonesia from Australia with her partner on their 36ft catamaran. They both fell in love with the Mentawai and have now lived there for two years.


Alannah met Lizzie in Mentawai. After hearing all about A Liquid Future’s programmes and seeing first hand the positive impact the programmes have here, she was keen to join the team and get more deeply involved with the community.


Alannah has been teaching English online whilst travelling through Indonesia and just completed a diploma in Raw Food Nutrition.


Alannah is a naturalist and loves being in nature she believes, “The more time we spend outside learning about nature, the more opportunity we have to observe the rhythms, relationships, and natural dramas that take place outdoors. It changes how we perceive the world. We find ourselves not caring about just one species, but the whole community; the entire system. I truly believe that this practice improves our perspective of nature and transforms the role we play as humans within it.”

Nidar, one of A Liquid Future’s first students, is leading our programmes five years later in her community in Mapadegat, Mentawai. Nidar speaks fluent English and came second in the Mentawai Surfing Competition 2019.  


Nidar learnt how to surf through A Liquid Future's programmes. She says through surfing she feels free and connected with nature. It’s now her biggest passion to teach more girls within her community to surf so they too can experience the freedom and connection she feels within nature.


Nidar is passionate about being an environmental role model within her community. She teaches English, surfing and environmental awareness.

Fuji, a former student of A Liquid Future too, is now leading programmes from her home at Jati beach, Mentawai. Fuji met Lizzie in 2015 and completed A Liquid Future's programmes in 2018.


Fuji feels learning English gives you an open door to the world: “It opens up employment opportunities. Being able to speak a foreign language helps to make real connections with people and to know more about diverse cultures, places and lifestyles. The more proficient you are, the better you can express yourself.”

For about 11 years Johnson worked at a company engaged in heavy equipment rental services. For the past 3 years he's working at a road construction company. 


Johnson is a passionate father who loves nature. He wants to help realize A Liquid Future's mission and vision and contribute to a better education for children and the natural environment in Mentawai.

Faridah has an IB Diploma. Before setting up and running an online health shop, she worked in the marketing department of AIA Insurance and Bank Danamon.


Faridah is a mother of three children and hopes to do a lot for the children from Mentawai. She would like to see them independent, confident and in a position to advance Mentawai. "Mentawai is a very beautiful area and rich in culture, customs and natural resources. I love Indonesia and I do my best for it through A Liquid Future."

Ricardo Wiyana studied in Canada for his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. After finishing his degree he continued to live and work in Canada for 8 years. Back in Indonesia, he now owns and runs the hotel and bar "Bat And Arrow" in Padang. Padang is the port from which surf tourists take the ferry to the Mentawai. Ricardo frequently interacts with tourists and is thankful for tourism. He says, "Tourism and the surfing industry have a huge impact on me, therefore I wish to give back to the community of Mentawai through A Liquid Future."