With a childhood spent adventure travelling around the world, after completing an Honours degree in Political Science from UCL and working as a sport’s journalist, Lizzie set off to discover the world and what she could do for it as an independent adult.  Communication and helping people became Lizzie’s greatest passions.  She saw that relatable and creative ways to communicate knowledge and information brought impact, especially amongst remote communities.  After a decade of living, working and travelling the world Lizzie found herself in the Mentawai Islands in a small village where the locals asked her to help them gain skills they wanted and needed to play their part in development of their islands.  A Liquid Future was born.  In 2014 she was made a fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Trade and Commerce in the UK for her contribution to education and conservation in Indonesia.  


Lizzie is based in Indonesia between Morotai and Mentawai where she loves to surf, hang out with the locals, go on adventures into the jungle and discover the new.   

Maria is passionate about seeing the younger generation lead their communities into the future as tourism development comes to many islands around Indonesia.  Previously a high school teacher, Maria is a mother of three and currently studying English online through one of the local universities.  She is excited about the future and keen to do all she can to make it one where local communities and the environment flourish. 

Cici is a motivated, hard working woman and mother keen to see the empowerment of girls across Indonesia.   With a degree in administration and previously a teacher, Cici uses her great organising skills to coordinate our programmes and schedules. 

Adetiya’s motto is “Do all you can in life to make it the best for everyone” and he certainly lives up to that.  A former maths and I.T. teacher Adetiya is committed to helping youth and seeing them achieve their full potential.  The manager of our Creative I.T lab, Adetiya is bringing vital tech skills to the local communities and loving every minute of it! 

Sar comes from a family of a local fisherman in Bido and is a fisherman himself.  His knowledge of the marine environment and weather is endless.  He is keen to understand and guide his community in using their marine resources in a sustainable manner becoming the stewards and managers of them.  He is a respected leader amongst the community.