With a childhood spent adventure travelling around the world, after completing an Honours degree in Political Science from UCL and working as a sport’s journalist, Lizzie set off to discover the world and what she could do for it as an independent adult.  Communication and helping people became Lizzie’s greatest passions.  She saw that relatable and creative ways to communicate knowledge and information brought impact, especially amongst remote communities.  After a decade of living, working and travelling the world Lizzie found herself in the Mentawai Islands in a small village where the locals asked her to help them gain skills they wanted and needed to play their part in development of their islands.  A Liquid Future was born.  In 2014 she was made a fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Trade and Commerce in the UK for her contribution to education and conservation in Indonesia.  


Lizzie speaks five languages, is a qualified and experienced English teacher, Surfing Instructor and Competitive Swimming Coach.


She's based in Indonesia between Morotai and Mentawai where she's been living with the locals ever since setting up A Liquid Future.  Lizzie loves to surf, hang out with the locals, go on adventures into the jungle and discover the new.   

Keri Algar is a media communication professional and freelance travel writer. She has developed and delivered strategies for organisations that wish to raise their profile and manage their reputation locally and internationally. Having worked in development journalism, Keri has raised the capacity of individuals in remote, cross-cultural and post-conflict contexts. She believes the effective use of media communication is crucial for communities that wish to play a part in their own development. Keri is based in Northern NSW, Australia, where she enjoys surfing and snorkelling with turtles.

A dynamic finance compliance professional, Katiuce is the Public Officer for A Liquid Future Australia.

“A Liquid Future is my way of making positive change in the world.”

In July 2014 Katiuce joined Foster Raffan Financial Services in Sydney. Prior, she worked at Brazil’s biggest bank for 10 years, having had vast experience with retail banking, high net worth and corporate clientele, overlooking the risk and compliance program at several different branches.

Mrs. Nedel-Martin began her career in the mid 1990s at a Law & Conveyancing practice whilst obtaining her Law Degree. An AIESEC alumnus, she is passionate about connecting people and a firm believer of the power of giving back to the community. In 2010 Katiuce fell in love with Australia and never looked back. She now lives in Sydney’s Northern Beaches with her husband, their little daughter and two Shitzu dogs where she enjoys yoga and lots of playdates at the beaches' great outdoors.

“Growing up in Brazil gave me the opportunity to see first hand how nonprofits can improve the quality of life of people. Spending time with my daughter is a true inspiration and amplified my wish to help empower children that have less resources and opportunities to flourish.”

Meeting Lizzie in Bali at the Surf + Social Good Summit that she hosted back in 2015, Janiece knew that she had to be involved with A Liquid Future from the very first time that she heard Lizzie speak about the programmes she ran in Mentawai. Janiece was studying her Bachelor of Education at the time, but she desperately wanted to follow her heart in education out of the mainstream system, and had spent the 3 years prior travelling in between her study volunteering for NFPs around the world. Janiece has been a swimming and surfing teacher for over 10 years, she's ran her own surf school and currently still runs her own small NFP called The Fresh Air Project. Janiece has worked on the ground in Morotai twice already, but the most recent in 2019 was to help deliver the school programme to the 6 villages in Morotai. Janiece surfs whenever she can, and is determined to continue her teaching outside of the mainstream system.

Meeting Lizzie in the Mentawai Islands when she started A Liquid Future, Janine has known the organisation and Lizzie for almost a decade now. During that time she has worked together with Lizzie on the ground in Morotai. This enables her to understand and communicate the fundamentals of the organisation. Besides working as a freelance creative, Janine studies PR, Psychological Astrology and enjoys surfing whenever she can.