As tourism arrives to their shores they are often left behind, not knowing what the possibilities are or how to take them.  Land grab, outside developers and operators, and inexperienced local governments alongside a very low standard of education are the reasons.  


How do you prepare communities that have never used a laptop, seen themselves in a video or photo, acted independently of others in their community, seen a map of the world or know how long an hour feels like, for 21st century tourism and the expectations of visiting foreigners?

To enable local communities to realise their visions of a sustainable future, programmes that are relatable to them, encouraging self-expression, confidence and thus self-worth along with vital knowledge in marine conservation, sustainable resource development and technology are critical.  And we can’t afford to wait any longer.


To meet these needs we use our unique SENSE syllabus consisting of three complimentary and interlinked programmes: English and Creative Media; Ocean Conservation and Water Sports; Technology, Social Media and Entrepreneurism,  created over the last eight years of operating amongst isolated coastal communities in Indonesia. 

Our SENSE syllabus encourages values of self-expression, self-belief, gender-equality, imagination and collaboration while providing vital knowledge in marine conservation and sustainable resource development and entrepreneurism that students can not access anywhere else. It is taught by a combination of local staff, overseas volunteers who are critical to facilitate cross-cultural understanding, and trained local school teachers.

English and Creative Media

Students learn conversational English, how to take photographs and make videos, and storytelling/documenting skills.

Ocean Conservation and Water Sports

Students learn how to surf, swim, snorkel, take photographs and make videos underwater, develop a passion for the marine environment and its protection, and understand the diverse and sustainable use of the ocean environment for marine tourism.

Information and Communications Technology

Students learn how to use computers, email, edit photographs and videos, how to use Facebook and Instagram and create digital products, and and how to set up entrepreneurial initiatives and reach an international audience.

We create them with the local communities we are involved with, who identify these centres as “their place”.  They enable a collaborative process to evolve and flourish with committed, long-term engagement. Our partners use our centres and they are bases for some of the local entrepreneurial initiatives we help to set up.  

Currently we are partnering with Conservation International and Save The Waves to develop Surf and Nature Tourism Parks across Indonesia with the goals of increasing community development and saving marine ecosystems.  


Learn more about the project here by watching a short film from January 2019:

We work with Locally Managed Marine Areas Indonesia, and local, provincial and national government, elementary and secondary schools and universities.