Maluku Islands



The Maluku Islands are located in Eastern Indonesia within the Coral Triangle, the most biodiverse marine habitat on our planet.


The islands have played a significant role in world history. Formerly known as The Spice Islands, due to the native nutmeg and clove trees that are found here, the Dutch, Portuguese and British have all laid claim to these islands and left a lasting influence.


A Liquid Future is based in Morotai, the northern most island of this archipelago, famous for its role during World War Two when it was liberated from Japanese occupation by American and Australian forces under General MacArthur’s command. In more recent history Morotai fell victim to the tragic civil unrest that spread throughout the Malukus when Muslims and Christians clashed.


Today Morotai and its inhabitants live in peace, going about their daily lives.  Morotai has been a self-governed regency since 2008.  Indonesian President Joko Widodo selected Morotai as one of ten destinations throughout Indonesia to be developed for tourist purposes in 2016.