We are a group of enthusiasts empowering isolated coastal communities in Indonesia about to undergo rapid tourism development, with a particular focus on girls and young women, through innovative education programmes in Communication and Creative Media, life-saving skills in Swimming, Surfing and Snorkelling, Technology, Social Media and Entrepreneurism.

We know the solutions to the challenges coastal communities in remote Indonesia face.  It is a matter of sharing these solutions in a relatable and innovative manner with local communities so they can understand them and adopt them, self-organise and cause local governments to take sustainable actions to support them.  A key aspect of this is the empowerment of women.  


Our research and operational experience show that local communities overwhelming support sustainable development and actions as they are already acutely experiencing the destruction caused by the climate emergency.  The problem is they lack the means and know-how.  


Our mission is to provide the means and skills in a relatable and meaningful manner to these communities. 

Surfing and surf tourism can stress the marine environment and bring little benefit to local communities in Indonesia.  


But that doesn't have to be the case.


We can be the generation that writes a different story of surfing and surf tourism in Indonesia. One where surfing and surf tourism actively contribute to saving and protecting marine ecosystems and lives, improve the social and economic well being of local communities, empower women and through sustainable management provide resources and revenue for future generations.

Undiscovered until the 1990s, surf tourism has now firmly taken root.  With a young and inexperienced local government most of this has followed an unplanned path. 


Proper and adequate infrastructure are lacking,

and community engagement is low.  The marine environment is suffering with increased plastic waste, sewerage and dwindling fish supplies.  

Human capacity building and a planned management plan are vital if surfing and surf tourism are to be an enjoyable experience into

the future, protecting the marine ecosystem and stimulating community development.  

A Liquid Future is based in Morotai, the northern most island of this archipelago, famous for its role during World War Two when it was liberated from Japanese occupation by American and Australian forces who also introduced the locals to surfing.


Morotai has been a self-governed regency since 2008.  Indonesian President Joko Widodo selected Morotai as one of ten destinations throughout Indonesia to be developed for tourist purposes in 2016 hailing it as one of “The Ten New Balis”.