SENSE Syllabus Mentawai right on!

Nidar, Fuji and Alannah, with great support from Faridah in Padang,  have just finished leading their first series of programmes in Jati and Mapadegat.  What a course it has been! 


200 youth aged 7 - 17 years old were reached with interactive English, surfing classes and conservation programmes including the very popular “ Environmental Saturdays” that saw both local and ex-pat communities joining forces with the children to address the issue of plastic pollution. Beach cleanups and ways to reuse plastic took centre stage.  Our “Collect 10” initiative asked all students to collect 10 pieces of plastic rubbish before coming to class.  Leading by example and giving cues such as these to youth along with places to dispose of rubbish easily,  means over time it will hopefully become a habit which they will pass on to their peers and siblings.


Alannah, Nidar and Fuji met local Manalu and we are now joining forces to set up a plastic collection and recycling initiative with him.  Creating networks and buy-in organically amongst the communities we operate in is a hallmark of ALF and evidence of the co-designed and contextual understanding at its foundation. 


Christmas Parties are on for this week before wrapping up for a break until January 4th when we will be ready to take the next steps in 2021!