Former student and surfer Romi joins ALF. YEW!

Romi far right in 2016.

Romi far right teaching surfing in 2020.

Romi was amongst the first three people our founder Lizzie surfed with when she came to Morotai in 2016.  They formed an instant friendship that has deepened over the years and now sees Romi taking the helm in his local village of Buho Buho and the neighbouring villages, teaching local children how to surf, swim, use cameras, speak English and do beach cleanups. It’s just fabulous.  Romi’s mum looks after the centre in Buho Buho and her and her husband, Sun, are thrilled to see their son taking these strides.  To have a past student so keen to lead programmes and be a role model for his island is amazing!  Coordinating with Aden, head of the Morotai Surfing Association, we are working to support Romi in following his dreams and those he has for Morotai.  


Romi has a particular love of photography and we are thrilled to say he will be receiving a digital SLR camera this Christmas.  Be ready for some great storytelling and documenting from him in 2021!  Go Romi.  You are doing an incredible job in your first few months.