Spreading Our Wings

We are already in the third week of our second course, where does the time go?! The first course provided a great opportunity to tread new ground and establish a good base to work from. We now have an established English learning programme with students of all ages and levels learning with us at the Collaboration Centre. As we move into our second course we wanted to spread our wings and look at new ways the centre can help the local people. With this in mind, we have established links with Flavio, the surf guide and coach from the nearby Aloita resort. He has kindly put aside 2 hours every Friday to teach a small group of local surfers the basics of surf coaching and guiding. With 90% of the teaching in English this group of local surfers will have a challenging task ahead. It is still early days but we are all very excited about the direction this new course will go and what doors it may open. Check out the photos from their first session.