Vocation, vocation, vocation!

Here at the Collaboration Centre in Mapadegat one of our aims is to offer English speaking lessons to this local community to help them become effective collaborators. We have tried to create various learning environments for the varying needs of the local people; some require English for their work in the government, others need English for further education while others just want to be able to communicate with a friendly tourist.


For a group of local surfers in Mapadegat, the Collaboration Centre has created an Adult Vocational Class where the focus is around their passion for surfing. This group have also requested cooking classes to broaden their experience and options to work on surf charter boats. There is a strong connection with the sea, their environment, sport and music so lessons are hands on and practical and remain flexible for their needs.


We look forward to seeing how groups like this develop at the Collaboration Centre, exciting times ahead!