We're open!

The first week of school is over but the excitement continues! The week began with our opening ceremony when the whole community turned out in support. We had arranged a volleyball competition, a sack race and a tug of war on the beach during the day where everybody got involved whatever their age. As the sun set, all the official guests arrived including Jamie Gray and family from ‘The Perfect Wave’ who have become our main sponsors for the project. They arrived with some much needed resources too which brought colour to the classroom. After speeches and the official opening of the centre, the music was turned right up and everybody danced their socks off to some hardcore techno beats! It’s hard to put into words the contagious energy produced by all the community, you were not allowed to watch them dancing but instead dragged into the mix!


So our first week of teaching is done and we have over 150 students on our register from age 6 to 56! We’re all still smiling despite being super busy. Everybody in the community is so appreciative of what we’re trying to achieve and thankful after every lesson, you couldn’t ask for nicer students.