Indies Explorer Surf Charters donate 2 places on 2014 Surf Trip as prizes.

Warren Hanley (pictured above) and partner Daniel Tuck co-owners of Indies Explorer Surf Charters, which run surf trips through the Mentawai Islands, have put up two spots on a trip for 2014 as first prize at A Liquid Future’s fundraiser in Byron Bay on June 20th.  AWESOME guys!


In their second season operating in the Mentawais, Warren, known as Wazza and the surf guide on board, is keen to be involved with the local communities of the islands.  He says, ” Our presence has already influenced many of these communities’ ways of life.  Sharing ideas and knowledge and taking an active interest in their reality only stands to benefit our industry too as I see it.  Open co-operation and understanding is what it’s all about.”


On occasion the surf charter boat industry and land-based surf tourism, including local communities have competing agendas.  Surf charter boats want to provide their guests with uncrowded waves.  Locals and land-based resorts want tourists to stay on the land and control the number of surf charter boats at a given break as this stands to benefit them.  As with most situations finding a harmonious balance is key.  With the likes of Wazza and other great surf boat captains around let’s hope the situation finds that happy medium.


Cheers Wazza and Daniel and to all the other surf charter boats contributing and helping the local communities!