Surfer Girl Bali jumps on board with A Liquid Future

A Liquid Future is thrilled to be collaborating with Surfer Girl Bali.  A fantastic brand with the empowerment of young girls at its core, Surfer Girl supports and encourages girls in all aspects of their lives, promoting confidence, self-esteem and the idea that anything is possible.


These are vital messages in developing countries such as Indonesia where, amongst the disadvantaged communities, it is common for a girl to marry at 16 years old, receive no further education and be a mother by 17 years old.


Educating and empowering young girls in the Mentawais and throughout the Indonesian Archipelago, facilitating a position from which they are able to have choices and make decisions independently stands to benefit them, their families and communities.  A healthy, confident and knowledgeable young woman is better able to take care of and provide for her family, passing on her skills and knowledge to her children.  All of which ultimately benefits a community and the environment.


Surfer Girl Bali and A Liquid Future are looking to set up a skills sharing programme.  Via the internet with “chat time” on skype and facebook, and with Surfer Girl staff partaking in workshops in Katiet, an exchange of knowledge and experiences can take place.  We see building relationships between communities throughout Indonesia and the world as key.


Here’s to all girls rising! Thanks Surfer Girl.  You rock!