Surfer Girl Bali sponsors Ike, Fitri and Ima……Go go Surfer Girls!

Surfer Girl Bali sponsors Ike, Fitri and Ima, the first three girls ever to surf from their region with a surfboard, surf clothing and accessories and educational material.  And the girls are S.T.O.K.E.D!


I recently spent the day with Ima and Fitri and we surfed all day!  And not just at the local break.  We walked the 5km round trip to the beach break and surfed a few hours there.  When we got back Ht’s was looking pretty friendly and that was it.  Fitri said we are out there and so that was that! Waves and laughs until the sunset.


The girls have improved a lot, not surprising considering the number of hours they spend in the water now.  What a change from a year ago when they rarely went in the water.  They are stronger, more confident and visibly proud of the skill they have now mastered.


Surfer Girl Bali also sent a video of the girls they sponsor in Bali, surfing and telling a bit about themselves for Ike, Fitri and Ima to watch.  The Mentawai girls loved this nearly as much as their boards.  They now feel part of something beyond the shores of their island and see that other Indonesian girls surf too.  This is a powerful sentiment that broadens horizons and the concept of what is possible for these three amazing girls.  Ayo cewek!  You rule!