Sunnie times

After four months of studying English six days a week the kids of Katiet are coming on in leaps and bounds.  They can now engage in a short conversation with you, for example asking your opinion about things such as surfing, Indonesia, swimming, chocolate and quickly giving you theirs.  What is even more encouraging than their ever improving ability to speak English, is their confidence.  They are no longer shy of approaching a tourist they see on the beach or bump into in the village.  In fact quite the opposite.  They are now keen as mustard to introduce themselves and interact with someone from a very different world to theirs.  It takes many a tourist by surprise when a small gang of kids come tearing up to them and start speaking English!  And usually it ends in hysterics on both sides!


This was the case when the kids met Sunnie, an actress from England who came to stay at Katiet for a week.  Sunnie ended up staying 3 weeks, falling in love with the island and the children and them with her.  She spent many an hour surrounded by a bunch of adoring little fans.  ” Sunnie Time” became a regular fixture of the day.  And sunny times they were.  With outings to the beach, practising English, swimming, surfing, surfboard decoration and playing on the beach, the enjoyment on both sides was easily visible as was the benefit of sharing skills, knowledge and ways of doing things with both parties getting so much out of the experience.   This is what the aim of a Liquid Future is, so it is awesome to see it actually happening.  I’m sure there’ll be many sunny times in the future as a result.


Termima kasih banyak Sunnie.  Sampai jumpa lagi!