Future surfboard repair guys...

Meet Imer and Ignasius a.k.a the Katiet surfboard repair guys in the making.  Their only problems are very limited materials and no tools!  Kinda sucks when you, your friends and lots of visiting surfers frequently snap, break, damage or ding their boards!!  Ht’s ain’t a surfboard friendly wave.  That reef lurks so close to the water’s surface and claims many a board, even on a duck dive!


They have both taught themselves how to repair boards with what materials they can get.  Both are super keen to learn how to repair boards properly.  The fear of breaking their board and not being able to surf if they have no resin or fibre glass to fix it inhibits their surfing, making them cautious of pushing their boundaries as they don’t want to be left boardless!  An all to common reality for some of them and one a western surfer would find hard to imagine and impossible to live with – not able to surf coz there is way of fixing my board or buying another one! No way…..


Hopefully that will change.  We hope to organise a ” Surfboard Repair Workshop” for Imer and Ignasius where they will learn the necessary skills to repair boards and be provided with the tools and materials to do so.  They can’t wait…neither can the tourists who end up with no boards having broken all of theirs.  Way to go boys…yew!