Lizzie Murray – Founder

With a childhood spent adventure travelling around the world, after graduating with an honours degree in Political Science from University College London and a short spell as a sports journalist, Lizzie set off to discover the world and what she could do in it as an independent adult. Working all kinds of jobs in all manner of places Lizzie found herself drawn to sharing skills and knowledge she had while at the same time learning new things from the communities she lived in. Communication and the different ways to enable effective, authentic dialogue to share stories and ideas and make a positive difference to someone’s life became Lizzie’s great passion.

​Water sports, namely surfing are Lizzie’s other great passion. The love of these led her to Indonesia. She saw that through playful, outdoor activities bonds of trust were formed and they provided the springboard from which to collaborate effectively. Five years ago Lizzie set up A Liquid Future, a non-profit organisation providing free communication and water sports programmes in response to the wants, needs and dreams of isolated coastal communities in Indonesia experiencing change due to tourism.

​Lizzie believes in sharing ideas, knowledge and dreams so that together we find the best ways to face our planet’s challenges.