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A Liquid Future


We believe in sharing knowledge and ideas for best outcomes to challenges communities around the world are facing today. We believe in using collaborative knowledge as a tool to adapt for the better for people and planet. Our core principles are connection and collaboration, the foundation of which lies in open communication.

A Liquid Future is a grass-roots not-for-profit organisation providing free educational programmes for isolated island communities in Indonesia, striving for balance where increasing surf tourism is impacting their lives and culture.

Created in response to THEIR wants, needs and dreams for their region, working with these local communities our joint aim is to make sure they play their role in shaping their region’s future for the benefit of the communities, the environment and the visitor.

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Our Concept

A building and area where a safe and open space is created for collaboration.
Surfing & Swimming + Environmental Awareness.
English & The Internet + Art & Photography.


Education system ranked last in worldwide landmark education survey of 2013

Second worst plastic polluting country in the world

More than 10 million international visitors in 2015


The best way to face these challenges is to use collaborative knowledge and education.

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