A Liquid Future

A Liquid Future is a non-profict humanitarian organization providing free educational programs in English, Surfing and Environmental Awareness for the local communities of Sipora Island, Mentawais, Indonesia.

Created in response to THEIR wants, needs and dreams in light of the arrival of land-based surf tourism in the region. Working with the locals our joint aim is to enable them to play their role in shaping their region’s future. We want them to be the decision and change makers for their islands

All our programs are endorsed and supported by the Mentawai Ministry of Educations and Tourism respectively.


Latest News

Vocation, vocation, vocation!

Vocation, vocation, vocation!

Here at the Collaboration Centre in Mapadegat one of our aims is to offer English speaking lessons to this local community to help them become effective collaborators. We have tried to create various learning environments for the varying needs of the local people; some require English for their work in the government, others need English.. Read more